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Hi, I’m Nabeel

UI/UX Designer

I'm a UI/UX Designer, I help brands in creating user-friendly mobile apps & web applications with the magic 💫 of Interaction Design. I've been designing web and mobile applications for leading tech & startup businesses for the last 13+ years, let's add magic to your product.

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Recent Work

A quick glimpse at a few of my work in Dribbble

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Craft Master Game


Mood is a multipurpose social media application, Mood aims to bring all the social media users under one platform., I was responsible for end-to-end Design – from customer research to prototyping to creating & maintaining a design system to delivering components/assets to front-end developers.

Driver Guide.gif

Driver Guide

Driver Guide App, I was responsible for end-to-end Design 

Discover my UX Process

What is the Ux Process? this broad term is mainly referring here to processes based on Lean Ux, which takes the toolset of Ux designers and emphasizes rapid, iterative phases, highly collaborative and focused on user inputs and measurable results.

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Mood App

A case study on the Mood mobile app, a rich new experience packed with features and neat design.

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Group 79.png
Group 78.png

A case study on the Fastway app, a rich new experience for delivery app

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EYE2EYE light board

A case study on the EYE2EYE light board, a rich new experience, an application that makes online sessions very easy with a rich human centered design experience... (5).gif
Dashboard – 1.png

US-DTS - Admin

US-DTS Admin Website

Fastway Dashboard – 1.png

Fastway Website

Fastway Website


Mood Website

Mood Website

School Login.png

US-DTS School

US-DTS School Website, Prototype for Registering New School

Digital Marketing

Produce the design and production for social media, websites, product graphics, web logos, social media graphics and banners, static and rich banner ads, email campaigns, and email templates. While some projects may require directing external resources, the role is expected to be hands-on.

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 5.07.09 PM.png


Zaappy ecommerce website

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